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A vibrant co-working and coffee house

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A vibrant co-working and coffee house

Kindling, a vibrant co-working and coffee house, is eagerly anticipated to make its debut in Kendal. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque town, Kindling is set to redefine the local work and social scene. With a commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration, this innovative space will offer a harmonious blend of modern work amenities and the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
We played a role in shaping Kindling’s brand, ensuring it resonated with the essence of their co-working and coffee house concept. Additionally, we designed and developed a user-friendly website that not only showcases the unique offerings of Kindling but also allows customers to seamlessly book spaces within the venue. The website serves as a gateway, offering an intuitive booking system that reflects the convenience and modernity synonymous with Kindling’s ethos.

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