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The Food Connect

Reconnecting customers with local food

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Reconnecting customers with local food

The Food Connect are a new food delivery platform hoping to reconnect customers with their local food offerings. Their personal approach aims to bring the prices and offerings of your favourite takeaway, to your phones and laptops.
The Food Connect is a new innovative food delivery platform. Drawing inspiration from visual elements synonymous with food delivery, takeaways, and fast food, we conceptualised several ideas for their brand identity, before designing their website. The colour palette played a pivotal role, with reds, blacks, and whites emerging as the chosen direction after meticulous feedback sessions with the client. Given the dual nature of The Food Connect’s operations – encompassing both customer-facing delivery and the business-centric commercial side – a different, yet connected approach was needed. I curated a collection of imagery, distinct for each side, emphasising food preparation and order management for the business side, and delivery and at-home experiences for the customer-facing component. With the branding foundation firmly established, I proceeded to design a dynamic landing page. Tailored for utilisation by sales staff during field engagements and to facilitate online sign-ups, the landing page served as a focal point for The Food Connect’s presence.

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